How Much Can I Make?

The Airbnb of Storage

Earn Passive Income, 

While You Drive

+ $50 when your space gets rented!

List Your Space

Make $100-$1000 a month by renting
your space to a neighbor.

Earn Passive Income 

while you drive... 

Rent out your garage, parking space, or driveway to a Neighbor who needs storage. Earn $15,000+/year!

Follow the link through this page to recieve $50 when the space you publish gets rented.

What is Neighbor?

"$10,000/yr makes a big difference in my life!" 

- Becca

"I made $800 in a summer helping students store." 

- Ezra 

"It truly feels like a neighbor is storing with me." 

- Josh 

"Neighbor was what I needed given events in my life." 

- Monica 

"Neighbor was beneficial for both of us." 

- Annette 

"I'm an investor and Neighbor solves my problems." 

- TJ 

How Does Neighbor Work?

Neighbor is an online platform that lets you rent out the space you don't use (garages, basements, RV pads, lots, bedrooms, sheds, etc.) to a Neighbor who needs storage. You set the features, price, and accessibility and Neighbor will find you a renter.

$1,000,000 Host Guarantee

In the rare event of accidental damage, the property of every Neighbor host is protected by a 1 million dollar guarantee.

You Get Paid Every Time

Neighbor guarantees that you get paid on time even if the renter stops paying. 

Neighbor is Built on Trust

Our Host Protection Insurance protects you from liability claims. We take peace of mind very seriously.

Ready to Join the Neighborhood?

Listing your space is easyquick, and completely free.

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Thousands of people use Neighbor...