How Neighbor Works

Become a host in 3 easy steps.

"$10,000 a year
makes a big difference in my life!" 

- Becca

How Neighbor works

Make $100-$1000 a month by renting
your space to a neighbor.

Earn $100-$400 per month with unused space
$1,000,000 property protection
You pick WHO, WHAT, and WHEN things are stored
Help a local neighbor that needs storage space
The most easy & passive income that you can get
Automatic monthly deposits to your bank account

Get Paid to Store 


Have a Garage or unused space? Get started below!

List your spaces

Tell us about your spaces and how much you would like to earn.

Respond to Renters

Review renter requests (including what they want to store and when) and approve them.

Schedule a move-in

Schedule a move-in time with your new renter. That's it!

Rent out any storage space, no matter what size

List only a portion of your space or entire rooms on Neighbor. Whatever space you have, we can help you rent it out.

List Your Space

We've thought of everything

You're in control

You choose when and how renters use your space. No need to give them a key or code (unless you want to). 

We've got you back

We have free coverage for everyone - $1,000,000 for you and $25,000 for your renters. Our responsive support team can help if you need it.

No paperwork, no hassle

Our terms of service have you covered. No additional contracts required.

Guaranteed money in your pocket

We'll handle the payments and automatically deposit into your account each month. We'll even cover the cost if your renter doesn't pay.

As simple as sweeping

All you need to do is clear a space. No need to run a bed and breakfast out of your house.

Helping neighbors in need

Our renters need storage for everything from building a new home to escaping natural disasters. You can help too.

Get Paid to Store 


Passive Earning with Neighbor starts here

  • Earn $100-$400 with your space

  • $1,000,000 property protection

  • You pick WHOWHAT, and WHEN things are stored

  • Help a local neighbor that needs storage space

  • Passive income = No work

  • Automatic monthly deposits to your bank account