Why our hosts love Neighbor

Program Benefits

Here are just a few of the great benefits you can expect as part of the Neighbor Affiliate Program

Earn $ with no limits

By referring users to Neighbor, you earn $50 commission for every host published listing and $50 for every renter approved you send to us. There are no caps on how much you can make for referring renters or hosts each month. 

Partnership Perks

  • Dashboard to track referrals & commissions

  • 50% off link for first-month rental

  • $50 commission for referring a host or renter

  • Exclusive access to promos, updates, & content

Make $100-$1000 a month by renting
your space to a neighbor.

Start earning $ by sharing Neighbor with your family, friends, and followers. Get paid when you refer Hosts or Renters to Neighbor. No limit or cap on earnings!  

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How can Neighbor help your clients?

Homebuyers & Homeowners fall into these two categories

Partner with Neighbor

Feel Good Helping others

Whether you're promoting the host side and helping others earn money with their unused space, or on the renter side helping them save money with storage. You can feel good knowing you're introducing a brand that will benefit others. 

Dedicated Experts

As a partner, you'll have access to a team of Affiliate managers who can provide expert advice and real-world insights to ensure your success. You'll have access to exclusive content, images, and landing pages.

Personal Dashboard

We use the Impact affiliate network to give you a dashboard to track your stats and earnings. They have the industry's most reliable tracking methods to ensure you get credit for everyone you send to Neighbor.

Who can be an Affiliate Partner?

Program Overview


Earn $50 for referred hosts & $50 for referred renters. 

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*in 2021

How It Works

Join the Program

Submit your application through our affiliate platform, Impact.

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Promote Neighbor

Use your affiliate links to promote Neighbor via content, newsletters, ads, social media, etc. 

Earn Commissions

Earn a commission for every qualifying referral. Both for host & renter referrals!

Why should you share Neighbor?

Hosts & Renters


As a host, everyone can make money by renting out unused space. For example, spare bedrooms, basement, RV pad, etc.

This is a great side hustle and easy way to earn extra income.

We give our hosts up to $1,000,000 in free property protection and they have full control of who rents & what they store at their property. 

You'll earn $50 for every host you refer that publishes a listing.


Did you know that in the US, storage units are at a 96% avg. occupancy rate nationwide? This means many people need storage but also need a better solution. 

Storing with Neighbor.com is 

  • 50% Cheaper than storage units
  • 6x Safer
  • Average 25 miles closer
  • Environmentally Friendly

You'll earn $50 for every renter you refer that reserves a storage space.

How can Neighbor help your clients?

Homebuyers & Homeowners fall into these two categories

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